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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe, modern and Islamic learning environment for students to become proficient in understanding, reading, and reciting the Qur'an using methods that promote independent scholarship, refine character, and support their transition from our institution to other future projects.



Sheikh Hassan Cisse RA

Shaykh Hassan Ali Cisse was the Founder and Chairman of the African American Islamic Institute (AAII) from 1988 until his death in 2008. He was an internationally respected Islamic scholar and leader, as reflected in the responsibilities entrusted to him.


AAII Legacy Academy Offers


The Pre-School

 Our preschool program provides a safe, stimulating, and developmentally appropriate Islamic learning environment in conjunction with a quality educational curriculum.

The Quran School 

Our Quran school program offers complete boarding accommodations and year round Quran instruction. We provide for the total safety, health, care and education of all our students 


Parents Recommend

Badia Askari

“My eldest son's attendance at AAII Legacy Academy has been a game changer. His matriculation through this program resulted in him not only achieving an in-depth knowledge of the Quran, but also set him apart from other young men his age back home in our community.”

Noni Shabazz

“His Quran teacher inspired him to achieve things he didn't think were possible. The caring nature of the administration gave me the peace of mind I needed while my child was studying so far away.”

Aliyah Mahdi

“My son attended the preschool and he memorized quite a few surahs within the first year. The teachers were professional and the school is modern and updated. I would recommend this school for anyone ready to challenge their child's mind.”


Latest AAII Legacy Academy News

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