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Our Pre-School Program

Our Approach

Developing Minds

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys

Our uniquely designed curriculum introduces Islamic based instruction including all developmental disciplines while helping students to strengthen their neural network.

Developing Creativity

Imagination and creativity are stimulated through introduction to music, art instruction and the production of crafts. This allows students to develop their sense of self-expression 


Inspiring Uniqueness 

At our preschool we value each student and encourage individuality. Through cultivating self-confidence, empathy, and self-awareness we prepare students for elementary school and beyond.

Wooden Cars

Strengthening Fine Motors

Students improve their fine motor skills with simple, fun activities.  Drawing, coloring, cutting, playing with dough and puzzles are all techniques we use to strengthen these skills  


 Enhancing Gross Motor Skills


Our preschool incorporates outdoor activities and exercises to develop students gross motor skills.  Children learn through play.  


Numbers Game

Our preschoolers are introduced to games and activities that assist in developing number sense and introduce math concepts. 

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