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Our Vision

To be an education center that will produce global citizens who are champions of sustainability, ethics and social equality.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe, modern and Islamic learning environment for students to become proficient in understanding, reading, and reciting the Qur'an using methods that promote independent scholarship, refine character, and support their transition from our institution to other future projects.


Our Motto

Pursuing Excellence Always

Our Goals

  • Put in place a program to ensure that young children who enter the program have a foundation in Islamic and secular (preschool) learning.

  • Create a space for international students to live and learn with an opportunity to integrate in the local community.

  • Develop a curriculum using pedagogical tools and advancements in learning that incorporate technology and promote innovative methods

  • Provide students with state-of-the-art tools to enhance their learning experience and knowledge retention

  • Develop an educational center that will have an impact on all aspects of human development by encouraging students to have a love and reverence for knowledge, truth and humanity.

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