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Our Journey with Quran

Wednesday 7 October 2020

In any journey of learning there are prerequisites and expectations. This blog series “Our Journey with Quran” will provide advice, anecdotes, and insights into the processes and conduct of learning and teaching the Quran. It is my hope that this will benefit the writers and all those who read it be they parents of students, students, aspirants, teachers or helpers of Quran.

My personal journey with Quran started when I was 13 years old. I was fortunate to have been under the tutelage of Sheikh Hassan Ali Cisse, who was a perfect example in his character and manners. He often told us stories of how the Hafiz and the teachers of Quran were honored. He exhibited the same honor in his treatment of the teachers and the students.

When we embark upon any spiritual endeavor, we must know that the lower self will resist in many forms. We must know that Shaytan will mount an offensive and we must prepare ourselves with knowledge, patience, good conduct, counsel and guidance. May Allah help us in our efforts and give us success.


Yone kham kham bu nek defa ame loum ladj ak loun cii sentou. Serie bi “Yonou AlQuran” defey diokhey ndigley, diar diar, ak aye khalaat cii yone ak teggen diange ak diangaley AlQuran. Sama yene moy lii nek lou ame diaregne cii niou ko bind ak niou ko leer mo khame wadiour, ndogou daara, kou beuga, serigne daara, ak nyi diapaley AlQuran.

Sama yonou alQurqan defa koumasey bu mey ame 13ans. Dema ame chance nek cii rond Sheikh Hassan Ali Cisse, defa nekone example bu matt cii diouko aka teggen. Mome def nyi done netaley neka lene done fonkey ki mokal alQuran ak ki diangaley alQuran. Ta tem defako done wani cii dieflante ame ak ndogou daara yi ak serigne daara yi.

Danyo wara khame effort cii yalla bu nek, sunu ba nekh bakane dena bayn cii facone bu nek. Danyo wara khame effort cii yalla bu nek, Shaytan dena dioug pour kher ko. Danyi ganayou kham kham, mougne, teggen, laye bir, ak ndigal. Yana niou yalla dembale cii sunu effort ta maye niou success.

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