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From Allah we come and to Allah we return.

Ina lilaahi wa ina ilaihi rajoon. These weeks have been marked with the passing of many esteemed members of our community and we know that Allah is the most merciful in His decree. Our Beloved mother Yaye Fatou, the Khalif Sheikh Ahmed Tijani Niass, Serigne Makhtar Niass, Sheikh Omar Kharit Niass and Our uncle Baraya returned to Allah all within the span of a couple of months. We are praying for them all. Baraya was a mentor and uncle to all of the Americans that came to Medina Baye to study under Sheikh Hassan Cisse (RA). May Allah have mercy on him, forgive him and grant him paradise. May Allah reward all of those who helped him during his sickness; those who did not forget his contribution to Sheikh Hassan’s work. May Allah reward good with good. Ameen.

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